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Choosing the right tutor on TeachX.net is straightforward for many. But if you're seeking guidance or want to ensure your choice is the best fit for your specific learning needs, we're here to remove any uncertainty by offering a human touch to the process — a personal consultant will understand your needs, preferences, and learning goals to match you with the ideal tutor. No more guesswork, no more trial and error. Just the perfect tutor for you, selected by our experts.

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Wide Range of Subjects

A diverse group of tutors are readily available to guide you through subjects ranging from arts to sciences.

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Monthly diagnostics, tailored lesson plans & conclusive assessments to chart progress

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Tutors for a wide range of professional and academic certifications.

Online & In-Person

Online learning for ease and flexibility or in-person sessions for a hands-on approach.

Why Speak to a Consultant?

Personalized Matchmaking: Our consultants handpick tutors based on your needs and learning style, ensuring a match that goes beyond qualifications to fit your unique personality.

Accuracy and Empathy: By truly listening to your aspirations and challenges, we offer support that’s tailored just for you, turning goals into achievements.

Simplified Process: We take care of everything, from finding your ideal tutor to setting up your first session. Your only focus? Your education journey.

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Meet Our Student Counsellors

Zainab Bucheery
Saad Akbar
Zainab Bucheery

Meet Zainab Bucheery, your gateway to an unmatched educational experience. With over 12 years dedicated to the realm of education, Zainab brings a wealth of expertise and an extensive network to TeachX. Her tenure as a Business Development Manager at BIBF for 9 years has honed her knack for connecting students with the perfect tutors, showcasing her unparalleled ability to understand and match individual academic needs with expert educators. Zainab, a Strathclyde Business School alumna with a Master’s in Business Administration, is renowned for her affable and engaging personality. She doesn't just know the world of education; she's a familiar face within it, making her the ideal ally in your quest for academic excellence.

Saad Akbar

Introducing Saad Akbar, a seasoned educator and counselor with a multifaceted background spanning 14 years in guiding young minds toward their fullest potential. Saad's expertise stretches across career counseling, student psychology, education, personal development, life skills, and nurturing young entrepreneurs. With a deep understanding of both the American and British curricula, Saad has spent over a decade in the classroom, equipping him with the insights to not only teach but to transform the educational experience. His approach integrates academic knowledge with essential life competencies, fostering well-rounded development in every learner. Trust Saad to be the compass that students need to navigate the intricate landscape of their educational and personal growth journeys.

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Your path to the perfect tutor.

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Have a chat with our consultant, who will delve into your educational goals, subject areas of interest, and any specific tutor preferences you have.


Based on your discussion, we'll select a tutor who best matches your requirements — ensuring both academic compatibility and personal rapport.

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We'll arrange everything for you, from finalizing the tutor to setting up your first session. Now, you're all set to start!

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We begin with a diagnostic session to tailor instruction, followed by custom lesson plans, ending with an assessment to chart your progress every month.

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Enjoy the flexibility of choosing how you learn with TeachX’s versatile platform, offering both in-person sessions for hands-on guidance




How does TeachX ensure I find the right tutor?

TeachX provides expert consultants who handpick tutors tailored to your individual needs, preferences, and learning objectives, guaranteeing a personalized match every time.

Can I book a tutor myself?

Yes, with TeachX’s world’s fastest booking system, you can connect with top educators swiftly and directly. However, if you prefer a consultant's help, we're always ready to assist.

What kind of subjects does TeachX offer?

We offer a wide range of subjects, spanning Arts to Sciences and cater to various professional and academic certifications.

How do I start a conversation about my tutoring needs?

You can reach out via WhatsApp, call, email, or direct message. Our consultants are ready to discuss your educational goals and preferences.

What certifications do TeachX tutors have?

Our tutors are qualified professionals, many holding advanced degrees and certifications in their subject areas, ensuring expert-level guidance in every course.

How does TeachX accommodate learners with different schedules?

TeachX offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate various time zones and personal commitments, allowing learners to study at their convenience.


How does the tutoring process begin?

It starts with an initial diagnostic session to assess your needs, followed by personalized lesson plans, and ends with an assessment to track your progress.

Are there options for both online and in-person tutoring?

Absolutely, TeachX offers the flexibility to choose between online learning for convenience or in-person sessions for a more traditional, interactive experience.

Who are the student counsellors and what role do they play?

Our student counsellors, like Zainab Bucheery and Saad Akbar, are here to offer guidance throughout your learning journey with TeachX.

What if I have specific preferences for my tutor?

During the consultation, you can specify any particular preferences, and we will ensure to match you with a tutor who meets your exact requirements.

How are the in-person tutoring locations selected?

In-person sessions are conducted in carefully chosen local café locations that are conducive to learning, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and quiet environment for students.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my tutor match?

TeachX is committed to your satisfaction. If for any reason you're not happy with your tutor match, our consultants will work with you to find a more suitable tutor to meet your learning needs.